Sugar Cubes Slot Review: RTP 97.06%, High Volatility

Sugar Cubes

Hm… Tell us it is not too late for discussing Sugar Cubes slot review in 2022. Dice Lab, which was founded in 2018, may not be a household name, but working with Relax Gaming should help to raise their exposure. 

They haven’t received much notice yet, and their tiny portfolio comprises a specialized casino dice game based on Yahtzee called SlotDice. Rather than rolling the dice for bragging rights over your younger sister, it pays out up to 5,000 times the bet. 

It’s a simple slot game designed for a certain audience. This  Dice Lab game is Dice Lab’s first foray into the slots market, thanks to Relax Gaming’s Silverbullet platform.

Summary of Sugar Cubes Slot Review

Sugar Cubes by Dice Lab bears up to its name by including a lot of dice images and references. In fact, the game takes place in a “dice lab,” where six-sided items roll along production lines in the background. 

It’s a game full of nice details like that, and it’s a little odd and unique, just like SlotDice. This game may not be for everyone, but it has a style and feel that will attract certain sorts of players.

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Themes, Design, and Symbols

Fans of Candy Crush-style games and casual players come to mind as possible target audiences. Candy Crush Saga has approximately 3 billion downloads and generates $34 million each month in revenue, so there are a lot of them out there. 

Sugar Cubes capture the same essence, and it does so first and foremost through its sensory impressions. The symbols and characters in the graphics emit a sugary sweetness, giving the impression of slipping into a bag of licorice of various kinds.

To begin spinning the 5×5 grid, players must first choose their stakes, which range from 20p/c to £/€100 every spin. Dice Lab has included a cluster payouts system, which pays out when four or more adjacent symbols appear in a row. 

The six usual pay symbols are a white 1, a brown 2, a gold 3, a green 4, an orange 5, and a black 6 – the six sides of a dice.

The paytable features a new mechanism for calculating values. Select the symbol you want to wager on and adjust the cluster size and bet using the sliders. A cluster of four ‘1s’ is worth 0.4x the stake on the low end, while 16 sixes are worth 3.2 times the stake on the high end.

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Volatility and Return to Player

Symbol values don’t exactly add up to a king’s ransom on their own, but Sugar Cube’s cascade mechanic helps. When a winning cluster lands, it is removed from the grid, leaving vacant places for new symbols to fall into. 

It’s incredibly successful here, and single spins can result in long chains of wins. The volatility of 4 out of 5 and a higher-than-average RTP of 97.06% also work in the game’s favor. 

Overall, the math model and statistics provided a nice flow to the game, with lots of cascades and special symbols to ensure a continual supply of hits.

Game Features

Sugar Cubes contain four special symbols that will help you win the slot game more often. The first is a rogue that resembles a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar. It can be used to replace any of the standard dice pay symbols. On each fresh spin, wilds appear organically, and one is always spawned with each winning cluster.

1. Magic Symbol

The Magic Symbol is a black and gold wand that transforms everything in its path into the highest symbol when two of them land side by side for a cluster win. 

Then there’s the TNT symbol, sometimes known as the Bomb; when two of these appear close to one other, the surrounding symbols are blown up, resulting in a cluster win. 

Furthermore, the scatter symbol is the ‘S’ symbol, which awards 6, 9, 12, or 15 free spins when 2, 3, 4, or 5 appear in a row. With a few exceptions, the bonus game follows the same rules as the regular game. For starters, there are no special symbols other than the wild.

2. Free Spin

Two gummy bears leap in front of the grid at the start of each Free Spin, each holding a dice. The current spin is then stopped due to the numbers on the dice being deleted. With the 4 remaining dice symbols, there’s a better possibility of landing winners. 

If both bears reveal the same dice number, that symbol is removed and a wild, as well as one extra free spin, is added to the reels. Finally, the bonus round features a win multiplier of x1 that grows by +1 with every cascade. The multiplier, in contrast to what you may be used to, resets between every free spin.

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Final Verdict

This Dice Lab game is a well-made slot. This small bet slot game may not have set out to create a great splash with a mega-hit, but it hasn’t stopped it from being a lucrative venture. The design and concept are consistent with the company name and past releases, which helps to create the brand. 

It won’t appeal to the hardcore crowd because it has a maximum payout of only 1,003 times the bet, but it has universal appeal. We mentioned Candy Crush, and it’s easy to imagine those players moving to a slot with a similar theme. Finally, that is Daftar slot online thoughts on Sugar Cubes slot review

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