Fàngbàozhú Slot Review: RTP 95.11% (Greentube)

Fàngbàozhú Slot Review

Yes, we can understand that you really need the Fàngbàozhú slot review. This new slot game was inspired by the Asian festivities held in Fangbanzhou. It has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 different ways to win. 

The game includes a medium level of volatility and a few elements that will keep you entertained. The Firecracker Wheel and Free Games features, as well as Wilds and Bonus symbols, are included. There is also a Gamble option. Fangbaozhu, all things considered, packs a punch in terms of facilities.

Best of Fàngbàozhú Slot Review

You have a straightforward goal in the base game. You simply need to land as many matching symbols as possible. Some winning combinations require three identical symbols, while others require four or five. 

Automatically, the more combinations you have, the better your prize will be. There are also special symbols in the mix, which can increase your chances of winning.


  • The community gave Fàngbàozh a passing grade (4.20)
  • It’s not a conventional slot machine. There are 243 ways to win at Layout.
  • Maximum win possibility of up to 16000x


  • 95.11% RTP is below the average.
  • The maximum wager for this game is €/$ 25.

1. Game Features

Popular symbols appear frequently on the reels. These are the royal card symbols, along with others that relate to the topic. These include coin purses, jade tigers, crimson letters, fans, and a variety of other joyful symbols.

Free Games

The emerald symbol should be sought out. That’s because it’s a Wild card, which means it can help you form winning combinations. Additionally, you can activate the Free Games option. You’ll receive ten free games to play, with the option to re-trigger them.

The wheel will determine the value of each Bonus symbol before you begin playing. These symbols will appear on the reels and have different values associated to them. The more you have, the larger your final award will be.

Firecracker Wheel

The free games feature might lead to the Firecracker Wheel feature, which is another gaming feature. Every wheel spin increases the total win amount, which can reach 10 times your bet. But if the wheel lands on a firecracker, the feature finishes and the free spins begin again.

Gamble Feature

The Gamble feature is the final feature in this machine slot gacor hari ini. You can activate it whenever you win and have a chance to boost your earnings. You can if you play it correctly. However, if you play it incorrectly, you will lose your money. So, don’t take this feature too seriously.

2. Design and Theme

The theme is based on Fangbaozhu, so expect a joyous environment. You’ll get a lot of wonderfully designed symbols in addition to the joyful mood. Furthermore, Fangbaozhu has a design that allows the game to be played on mobile devices.

Final Conclusion

In the end of this Fàngbàozhú slot review, this game is a Novomatic slot machine with a festive theme and a variety of bonuses to choose from. You have a chance to win some thanks to the Wilds, Free Games, and Firecracker Wheel features. You can also use the Gamble feature to risk your wins in the hopes of multiplying them.

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