Duplicats Slot Machine Review: RTP 95.62% (Realistic Gaming)

Duplicats Slot Machine

Are you ready to play the Duplicats slot machine? Realistic Games has introduced this game, a new casino game that will be based on jungle cats. 

The slot has some intriguing elements in addition to its relatively rudimentary graphics centered around these jungle creatures, as you’ll see below.

A Review of Duplicats Slot Machine

The biggest payout in the game will be 200 times the total bet ($20,000), which is a relatively small amount for a slot machine. With a 5×3 reel configuration, it will generate wins using 10 active lines. With wins coming your way quite frequently, a game with low volatility would be expected. 

The Duplicats feature appears to be what little excitement this slot will offer, while there are two other kinds of wild symbols accessible, each of which has a different range of symbols that it may function with. Even in terms of RTP, the game will not do much to wow us with its announced 95.62%.

1. Wagering Options

To access a new menu, click on the Bet display that is visible at the bottom. The range for the bet values listed therein is between $0.20 and $100. The maximum payout for a single round is 200x, or up to $20,000, even though a single winning combination can provide up to 100x total wager ($10,000). 

That makes it relatively simple to reach the game’s cap, which is unfortunate because the slot machine indicates that it could offer up to 1,000x if there weren’t any restrictions.

Another area where the slot falls short is the Return to Player, which is set at 95.62%. This indicates that a bigger top prize was possible, but the developers became overconfident and set a cap that was far too low.

2. Slot Features

Duplicats will be one of the key things that this slot introduces. It is necessary to get 5 identical cat symbols on the same line, regardless of what it is, in order to activate the bonus round where the symbols change and result in a winning combination of 5 identical cats.

You will only be provided two additional feature symbols, both of which are wildcards. One of them is the Lion Wild symbol, which may be used to produce the best paying combinations on the slot machine (up to 100x total stake for five Lions on a line). 

This one can only replace high value icons because it is a substitute for the feline symbols. Second, there is a symbol that combines the four card suits. It is the second wild and can only be used to replace low value symbols.

3. Design and Theme

Duplicats will have a background image that depicts a jungle-themed scene as it is a slot machine. The set of reels is in front of a forest that is lush and covered in trees and leaves. Symbols include card suits with simple drawings and several feline species (lions, tigers, panthers, house cats). 

The felines that are used as symbols were drawn in an unappealing manner, which left us unimpressed with the design quality.

Final Conclusion

The slot machine appears to do everything incorrectly, yet having at least one distinctive feature to call its own. We are not convinced that this game feature can salvage it because it has a poor RTP, modest peak payouts, and an awful design. However, you can try situs slot online gacor Duplicats slot machine if you are curious. 

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